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Tulbagh & Wolseley

Tulbagh and Wolseley are situated in the Breede River Valley surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery. This beautiful valley is predominantly farmland consisting of vineyards, orchards and wheat farms.

The town of Tulbagh is famous for historical Church Street with its 32 National Monuments of Cape Dutch architecture all restored after the devastating earthquake of 1969. The three mountain ranges which surround Tulbagh are the Witzenberg, Obiqua and the Great Winterhoek whose peak is 2077m above sea level.

There is a well established wine route with many new wine cellars and some old historical ones such as Theuniskraal and Twee Jonge Gezellen. There are excellent guest houses and self-catering establishments and a good selection of restaurants. There are hiking trails and horse trails. There are perfect wedding venues and a few charming chapels for special country weddings.

Tourist office: (023) 230 0582 & (082) 835 7625
www.tulbaghtourism.org.za / www.tulbaghwineroute.com / www.wolseley.org.za / www.tulbagh.net / www.witzenberg.net / www.tulbagh.com

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