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Recommended books & publications plus the places to find them.

   By Sue_vd_w on Saturday, June 21, 2003 - 03:43 pm: Edit Post

Paul Leger's "(Western Cape) Guide to Budget Getaways" published by Red Press.

Lists over 250 economial self-catering accommodation units (mostly private cottages) within 4 hours' driving time of Cape Town.

   By be_africa on Wednesday, April 28, 2004 - 06:41 pm: Edit Post

"Something to Write Home About"
(Reflections from the Heart of History)
Edited by Claude Colart and Sahm Venter

Jacana Media

Something to Write Home About is a collection of more than 90 contributions of prose and poetry, from journalists around the world, all reflections of how they have been moved by events they have covered. Journalists who are encouraged not to let their personal feelings enter their reports, have given us a rare glimpse of the gamut of feelings they experience while doing their jobs.

The contributors - reporters, photographers, television camera operators and producers represent 25 nationalities and write from more than 40 countries.

Writing in his Foreword to the book Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus
said: "This anthology of deeply moving stories reveals that journalists are not callous, hardhearted cynical operatives moving like predators after their prey. They are wonderful sensitive human beings who laugh and cry, who love and hate, who are calm, who are frightened, who are brave and who are sometimes cowardly, but who are ultimately people who care, who care about others and what is done to and for them, who care about our world and hope that they might just have helped to make it a little more hospitable to love and compassion and laughter and who have given their services for free to honour their fallen comrades. They are beautiful people and some of them have touched my life and I am just that bit a better person for that."

The contributors have given their work for free as all royalties will be shared by two very special funds: The Miguel Gil Moreno Foundation and the Kerem Lawton Fund.

Miguel Gil Moreno, an award-winning Spanish-born television cameraman who had given up a career as a corporate lawyer in Barcelona during the Bosnian crisis, traveled to Sarajevo where he offered his assistance to journalists there. He was killed in an ambush in Sierra Leone in 2000 with writer Kurt Schork from Reuters. His family established the Miguel Gil Moreno Foundation which runs an annual award for humanitarian journalism and hopes to raise funds to build an orphanage for girls in Abidjan.

The Kerem Lawton Fund was set up in the name of British-Turkish television producer, Kerem Lawton who was killed in the Balkans in 2001. The Fund was established for Tara Lawton, the daughter and only child of Kerem and his wife Elida Ramadani. Tara who lives with her mother in Kosovo was born three months after her father's death.

Published by Jacana Media, Something to Write Home About will be launched in Johannesburg on 3 May, International Media Freedom Day. Edited by South African journalist Sahm Venter and her Belgian journalist husband, Claude Colart, Something to Write Home About is dedicated to journalist friends of theirs who have passed on and are sorely missed. They are Ameen Akhalwaya, Miguel Gil Moreno, Chris Gutuza, Kerem Lawton, Aziz Tassiem and Myles Tierney.

Contributors include: CNNs Christiane Amanpour, Chris Burns and Charlayne Hunter-Gault, BBCs Fergal Keane, Orla Guerin, Milton Nkosi and Hilary Andersson, Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Greg Marinovich, authors Hamilton Wende and Mike Cadman, SKY News Stuart Ramsay, SABCs head of news Jimi Matthews, award-winning writers Asha Krishnakumar and Elizabeth Rubin, and CNN Free Press Africa Award 2003 winner Zimbabwean Walter Marwizi

Dimensions: 210mm x 148mm

For more information, contact Karin Cronj at +27 21 674-2932, +27 72 3913817, karincronje@mweb.co.za

Check out your local book store!

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