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Invitation to Western Cape Schools

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Admin on Tuesday, March 02, 2004 - 08:45 pm: Edit Post

Good Day

Last year we started www.scapenotes.com as a non-commercial way to collect tourist facts about the Western Cape. We particularly wanted to learn about the unsung places in the smaller towns and communities, and we wanted to hear it first-hand from members in those communities. But, we completely underestimated the computer/internet literacy of the general population.

We now think that schools may see an educational opportunity in www.scapenotes.com by setting tasks with a tourism theme where the learners must respond by putting their replies on ScapeNotes. The learners will get instant gratification to see their efforts published world-wide on the internet. Here are some ideas of tasks that could be set:
- Find all the monuments in your community and write 200 words on each one
- Write a tourist guide to your town
- Describe all the festivals, shows, bazaars, markets that are regular events
- Describe the fauna and flora of your area
- Describe your weather on a month-by-month basis, use 100 words per month.

The advanced learners can offer to write advertisements for commercial establishments as a fundraiser - no funds need to be paid to ScapeNotes.

Should you be interested to find out more about ScapeNotes, you are kindly requested to follow the link below, where you will find a copy of this e-mail, and a space to pose questions or make comments:

Yours sincerely
G Dorrington

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Roland Giesler - Rhenish GHS on Wednesday, March 03, 2004 - 03:29 pm: Edit Post

Rhenish Girls' High School:
Ok, how do we get involved? I think it's a great idea, both in terms of kids' computer application experience and tourism development. A great way to show how technology can be applied!

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Admin on Wednesday, March 03, 2004 - 07:06 pm: Edit Post

Hi Roland,

Thanks for being the first to respond.

How do you get involved? I would suggest that you have a discussion with some of the other subject teachers to see if they want to join in on an integrated project. A history teacher may see an opportunity to do a local history/culture project (eg. "find and describe all the places of worship and religuous assembly"). Then it is simply a case of pointing the learners to ScapeNotes, maybe to an introductory message by the teacher (example) and tell them to start posting their notes.

We can give teachers editorial control if they feel the need to censor/correct the notes placed by the learners (They will get a special password so that the Edit button after the date becomes permanently available to them)

We actually look forward to your ideas and we can share and debate them here. We are very flexible in terms of what our readers/participants may want to do with ScapeNotes.

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Harold-Edwin van Rooyen on Monday, May 31, 2004 - 04:36 am: Edit Post

Overberg-Riviersonderend on N2

160km from Cape Town,Riviersonderend was established in 1923.The name was derived from the river on which it is situated at the foot of the mountain.
1940 Riviersonderend receive municipality status and first mayor was mr Van Deurs Eksteen.

Surrounded with farms and known for sightings of the South African bird, the Blue Crane.

The first school established on 25 January 1926 and is now used for a photo museum, photos of importend people and moments to be reminded of.
It is stil open for small functions.Next to the N2,caves are to be seen in the mountains and on farms.From the "Kleinbergie" their is an official Hiking Trail of 7km with breathtaking views of agricultural music.On the "Kleinbergie" you would find the old signal cannon used in early days by the military service.They used it to indicate any war in the Cape.The cannons were used in 1795+1806 during the Cape war. Now seen as a Historical Monument.

The hiking trial gives you also view of the Protea/Fynbos, various veld flowers, river and old indigenious trees.

~4x4 Routes to challenge.
~15km motor biking routes...National rallys
~Picnic places on the river - side and places to catch fish.All of these are to be enjoyed during the Blue Crane festival.Every year there is a Charity hunting shoot competition with lovely prices to be won.

Exotic restaurant
with traditional foods and with its own bakery, well known for the pies and milktart as well as its own buthery with biltong, droŽwors, wood smoke bacon and cold meats.
Relaxing and lovely B&B that will make you feel at home.

The winter rainfall area.It means war! Dry weather in Desember,January and February.
Farmers go on holiday during the first 2 months because nothing can be planted.

In February when minimum rain has fallen the farmers have to feed their animals because their is nothing left for the animals to eat.Planning for sowing in May. To begin the season rain occurred in May and by surprise we had snow on the mountain in Desember one year in the late 80's.

In March and April it gets cooler and Autun shows in all the leaves.After the first rain the farmers start to plough and clean the farm lands/fields.

In May the farmers sow the wheat with rain coming regarly.
June,July and August it rains and snow occur on mountains.

September and October are the most beautiful months in this area with the sun shining bright,the veld flowers blossoming and the green farm lands.

Whether you are in search of an adventure or you just want to explore or maybe you are in serious need of relaxation, Riviersonderend is definitely the PLACE to come and SEE!
It will be worthwhile...That is a PROMISE!

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Scapenotes Administrator on Monday, May 31, 2004 - 07:31 am: Edit Post

Thanks Harold-Edwin!

If you don't mind, I am going to copy this writing over here, to the dedicated Riviersonderend page. As you will see there, we still need a little picture, but I have "borrowed" some of your words for the introduction. :-)

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