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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Top of pagePrevious messageNext messageBottom of page Link to this message  By Scapenotes Administrator on Thursday, June 03, 2004 - 04:18 pm: Edit Post

1. Received via e-mail (with large attachment): "Can you please make a page on ScapeNotes? Here is the brochure attached." ScapeNotes is a do-it-yourself web site and requests like this are quietly deleted.

2. "How do I change a note that I made some month's ago?" The "Edit" button on each post only works if 2 criteria are met: 1. The note must be less than 24 hours old, 2. The original note must have been made in your registered (blue) name. Suggest that you simply add a new note with the fresher information.

3. "I have just made a note, but then I had to register before it would allow me to edit. Why does the system say that I am not the correct person now?" A post that was made by an un-registered person could have been made by anyone - the system cannot automatically assume that a later registration is by the same person. Suggest that you write a fresh new note using your registered name and tell us to delete your first attempt. (registration issues)

4. "How do I add photos to an existing ScapeNote?" Sorry, but this is not possible, even if you are correctly registered. Suggest that you write a fresh new note and tell us to delete your first attempt. We strongly recommend that you test this process on the Scribble Pad first.

5. "How do I add photos to a new note?" The procedure is explained at the Photo Place. We strongly recommend that you test this process on the Scribble Pad first.

6. "Why was my title description changed?" Probably because you used too many CAPITAL LETTERS or other un-conventional formats to draw attention. Also, we may have fixed spelling, or put in a "less-optimistic" location (easy walking distance does not mean an hour's walk over a hill!)

7. "How do I move higher up on the list for my town?" Add a new note to your page, or get one of your happy clients to write a good comment for you. The page with the freshest ScapeNote automatically goes to the top. (We manually adjust the listing sequence if there has been too much "manipulation")

8. "How can you offer ScapeNotes for free? When will I have to pay?" See this note that was made last year. The situation is still very much the same.

9. "Why do photos from my own site appear by themselves at ScapeNotes?" Sometimes, if you have made more than the minimum effort to write a ScapeNote, and you have provided a link to your own website, we "borrow" a photo from your site to brighten up your ScapeNote.

10. "Can I pay you to put a picture and link to my site in the place of the photos on the border of ScapeNotes?". Sorry, but we have no intention to enter into formal business relationships at present. If we did take your money, you could hold us to a certain performance and we don't want that pressure now. (However, you may occasionally see an "advertisement" here at ScapeNotes but that could be experimental, or to return a small favour.)

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