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  In the town of: Gans Bay (Gansbaai):

General Gansbaai Information - links, weather, history, etc.

   By Scapey on Wednesday, June 25, 2003 - 11:56 am: Edit Post

This General information facility is created to talk and tell things about this town that are not directly tourist facilities as such. Things like the history, climate and calender of regular events, etc.

An internet search showed the following page pointing directly to the vicinity of this town:

Page 1

If you know of any more general information web pages that link directly to this town's area, please please add a note below and tell us about it.

Any other notes or questions about this town would also be very welcome.

   By Admin on Saturday, September 20, 2003 - 06:54 pm: Edit Post

Alan Woolnough, who is the Vice Chairman and Marketing executive for Gansbaai Tourism, has this information on his guest lodge's website.

   By farm 215 retreat & fynbos reserve on Friday, January 06, 2006 - 12:07 am: Edit Post

At the initiative of the Gansbaai Tourism Association, a new website has been launched: www.danger-point-peninsula.co.za This site extensively describes the area from De Kelders in the West to Buffeljagsbaai in the East.

"Dangerpoint Peninsula and its hinterland: an area ruled by the sea and floral abundance. A two hour drive from Cape Town and the perfect destination for active nature lovers."

To summarise the attractions of this area:

-Danger Point Peninsula lies exactly mid-way between Cape Point and Cape Agulhas, the southernmost point of Africa.

-The Danger Point Area is historically ruled by the sea and dominated by unique nature.

-Unpretentious people live in the fishing town of Gansbaai and the other six villages and hamlets of Danger Point Peninsula and its hinterland.

-Shark-diving boats and whale-watching boats leave from the small harbour of Kleinbaai, a coastal village on Danger-Point-Peninsula, to the best spots to see the whales or find the sharks or –onwards- to the Dyer-Island-Group, which rocks are covered with thousands of Cape fur seals and African penguins and numerous other birds.

-If boats are not your thing, you are a lucky person. Several easy-to-reach spots along the shores of Danger-Point-Peninsula are famous for the southern right whales hanging out, frolicking and mating just a few metres from land.

-The hinterland of Danger-Point-Peninsula is a mosaic of different habitats of the remarkable Cape Floral Kingdom, ancient indigenous forest, agricultural lands, vineyards, flower-farms and rural communities. Many of these places can be visited. Experienced guides are available to take you to the highest mountain peaks or the deepest riverine gorges. The abundance of different bird species is due to a plethora of different landscapes.

-The people of Danger-Point–Peninsula are unpretentious, dynamic, welcoming, proud and –at times- all too real. Danger-Point-Peninsula is South-Africa in its truest form. In the working fishing village of Gansbaai, the fishermen still have the same sur-names as more than a century ago; in the rural hinterland the knowledge of the medicinal value of the different local plants is derived from ancient Khoisan ancestry; in Masakhane a vibrant community is tightly connected on the basis of old customs, yet firmly rooted in a modern society.

-Danger-Point-Peninsula has a raw and rich history. This is reflected in gruesome yet stunning stories of the many famous ships that wrecked in the area, living on today amongst the local descendants of the ship-wreck survivors and earliest residents as living proof of an intriguing melting-pot. Original homesteads on historical farm-lands show a surprising finesse in architecture in an area that was more or less isolated from the rest of the Cape until recently.

-The Tourism Office in Gansbaai gladly helps you to plan your trip around the Danger Point Peninsula and its vast and undisturbed hinterland, where the original nature is still master over the land. You’ll find us in the middle of Main-street in Gansbaai.
The office is in any case open from 09.00 hrs till 13.00 hrs and from 14.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays from 09.00 hrs to 14.00 hrs.
If you need to contact us out of office hours, you can dial one of these two numbers:
+27 (0) 72 29 1 55 64 (Glenda Kitley, office manager) or
+27 (0) 82 626 90 37 (Abraham Newman, deputy manager)

-For marketing-matters or issues in relation to www.danger-point-peninsula.co.za you can contact the respective tourism committee members: Stanley at stanley@whalesonglodge and Maarten at farm215@telkomsa.net

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